My name is Esther Tangkilisan and I live in Cypress, Orange County. My family and I came from Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1995. I was a programmer analyst (back then), working for business (banks). I am not a teacher yet (hopefully I will be one, in years to come), but I am planning to pursue my Master’s degree in Computer Education and the credential program in Math.

I am one of the three adventurers who discover the Spirit Planet in the Spirit Solar System. When you are ready, please glance through those pages above that I was invented during this explorer period. If you have questions and suggestions, don't be hesitate to contact me. Happy surfing!



More about me!  


I was Born and raised in Manado, a nice beach city in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, some years ago. I love to eat fish, but not the raw one. Vegetables were on one of the breakfast menus, but I am not a vegetarian; meat was one of the occasional meals during special events, and rice …every single time. 

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The Important thing: Family 


I love my parents’ family, one kind of a common traditional family, with seven sisters and one brother. My parents provided every single need until we graduated from college, ready for the next step, and I admire them for it. And family value... it was one of the teaching lessons, and I respect it. Based on this experience, as parents, we, my husband Errol and I, provide for our kids and tutor them to respect and value others.

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Darlene 17 years old

Freshman-Berkeley, wants to be a Mathematician

Illona 15 years old, 10th grade, quiet, fuzzy, but dreams to be a Doctor

Monique 12 years old

8th grade, talk too much, perfectly match to be a Lawyer

Praisy 9 years old, 5th grade, loves to tell stories, cool to be an English teacher.

Richardson 5 years old, asks too many questions, wishes to be a US president



The Interesting thing: Traveling

I love traveling with my family to the part of the amazing places in Indonesia, such as: Kuta in Bali with the Hindu culture, Jogyakarta in Central Java with the Borobudur Temple, the Buddhist culture, Bromo Mountain in East Java with the Volcano, or Bunaken Island in North Sulawesi with the Sea Garden.


We also enjoy traveling to Big Bear Lake to see and to play in the snow in winter season, or to go fishing on summer vacation; Going to Las Vegas or Reno, just for fun with kids, to play in Circus Circus to earn a bunch of toys, eat lots of buffet food, and enjoy the night lights, and to play the coin machines that eat up our money; To go to the Grand Canyon, to get amazed by for the great natural creation, and to go to Sedona, the red rock canyon that build up the reddish city. We like to go to Lake Tahoe, the big lake that divides California and Nevada, or to the Lake Mead that divides Nevada and Arizona.


We treasure the journey To Sacramento, the lonely city, except for the politics; or to Berkeley, the small-dirty-student city.  We enjoy sightseeing in San Francisco with the longest bridge in the nation, and the yummy food from the ocean, as well as going to the Pier Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, and Huntington Beach. Wow… so many things to see, to picture, to imagine, to value, to love, and to enjoy, as our lives. So, let us live our lives and enjoy them as gifts from God.


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Los Angeles is not my final destination, but a place to pursue education. I decided to attend the California State University at Los Angeles (CSULA) majoring in Computer Information Systems (CIS) with the intention of working in the information technology industry one day. During my years of college, I heard about courses offered in the Charter College of Education. I realized that knowledge of the cognitive aspects of organization and representation of information with a CIS background could help me create efficient information technology and effective user interactive designs. I wish to use these skills to promote empirical studies in education that can help direct educational reform.

California State University of Los Angeles

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