I am the third explorer in the Vesta Exploration Team. My task is to examine, identify, and record unique life forms.

I was born in Morelia, Mexico on the 20th of November on a Street called El Veinte de Noviembre, (the 20th of November). Isn't that a curious thing? I am the fourth child in a family of five. When I was a baby, my father was killed by a drunk driver and we became very needy, and so my mother decided to move closer to America. Two years later my mother married a wonderful American man named John, which I called Papa. Papa was a generous, hard working man from Michigan. Papa raised me to believe in myself, work hard, be sincere, and always use common sense. I owe all of my self confidence and ethical values to my stepfather.

I have always been an enthusiastic student with leadership qualities. But that is only one side of me. I am also a very joyful and forgiving person. I love to swing dance and hear music. I come alive with music. I notice that people communicate through the arts, regardless of their language or culture. By profession, I am a graphic artist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Design.

Presently I am a graduate student at California State University at Los Angeles. My area of study is new media design for the application of education. Moreover, I am concurrently working on earning a single subject teaching credential in art. I plan to split my time between teaching at the junior college level part time and designing educational software .

I took this picture of the fresh morning dew as I walked to campus near Humboldt State University in Humboldt County which is in Northern California. Isn't it magical? This is a fungi picture which I took in the forest in Northern California and won a prize from the Sierra Club. Doesn't the green sparkle?


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