During the evolution of water animals in the aquatic environment, water animals in the Rocky shore moved their habitats to its closeast land biome, beach shores in Amun, Belenus, and Jartuna continents. By adapting to the dune sands environment in the beach shore, they became primitive land animals. These primitive land animals continued their evolution over time and then moved further inside the different biomes of the land that are grasslands and rain forests. All land animals originated from the different families of cells, unicellular organisms as well as different ocean communities of Vesta such as the rocky shore. These land animals evolved on the dune sands of backshores . Adaptations for each of these species to survive on land occurred over millions of years as well. Land animals can be found on all regions of Vesta in the three biomes.

  Joe's Land Animal
  Katy's Land Animal
  Rosa's Land Animal
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