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Hi, I originally came from South Korea to study at UC Riverside, in February in 1983. One and a half years later, I became a paraplegic due to an accidental gun-shot injury during a robbery in Los Angeles. This horrible accident turned my life completely up -side down. However, four years later I returned to college to keep my life moving forward.
After many years of hard work, I finally graduated from California State University at Los Angeles in 1997 and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. Later, my curiosity and interest in computer technology led me to pursue a new career as a web master. I completed the Web Programmer Certificate Program in California Polytechnical, Pomona in 1999. I am a freelance web developer now and really enjoy designing web pages and programming for clients.
With a new thirst for life and learning, I entered the master's program in College of Education Foundations at California State University at Los Angeles. My emphasis area is in Computer Technology in Education. My objective now is to become a computer instructor. Furthermore, I want to organize a non-profit computer education center, funded by grants and gifts, in my Korean community to provide job skills to people with disabilities and to low income families with language barriers.

Speaking of families, I have been happily married for the past 6 years. We have no children. My wife also came from South Korea. I had to wait for a while before my bride decided to marry me. Before she finally said yes to me , we exchanged love letters for the two and a half years. We married in Las Vegas in October, 1996. Know what? I think I am really blessed to have her.


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