Welcome to planet Vesta. It is a small, blue rocky planet in the Ionious Solar System. Vesta is a warm planet containing plenty of moisture and sustaining a wide variety of life forms and bio zones. The rocky silicate crust permits unique and varied land formations to also exist . Vesta has at least five climate zones, each very different from the others. The stable atmosphere makes Vesta an excellent choice for cosmic travelers looking for a lush new habitation. Below are some scenic land shots of planet Vesta showing the varied land formations and the diverse climatic conditions on any given day.
The Ionious Solar System is located in the Arm of Orion in the Milky Way Galaxy. This solar system is composed of a sun and five planets. Vesta is the third planet from the sun and a moon called Jocasta rotates around Vesta in a cyclic pattern.
Arid regions of Amun

On the left is the arid regions of Amun where people live underground. On the right is a picture of one of many ice planes found on Vesta. There is no other planet more serene than Planet Vesta, queen of the universe.

The creators of planet Vesta are, Commander Joseph Choi, Captain Katy Kao and Life-Forms Scientist, Rosa Chandler. These cosmic travelers originally came from the beautiful planet Earth.



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