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Hello, and welcome to my home page.  I am one of the creators of the planet Populus.To take an exciting trip in this planet, please select one of the choices  from the table below.

Water Plants Land Animals
Water Animals Land Ecology
Water Ecology Solar System
Land Plants Coordinate Water Animals


A little information about me:

I was born in Viet Nam, a small country in South East Asia.  I moved to the United States in January of 1991.  I received most of my education here in Los Angeles.  I graduated from Belmont High School and went on to the great California State University of Los Angeles where I received my bachelor's degree in Mathematics.  To fulfill my dream of being an educator, I took a job with the Los Angeles Unified School District as a math teacher.   After obtaining my single subject teaching credential,  I continued with the master's program in curriculum and instruction with emphasis on technology at CSULA.  My goal is to finish this program by 2004.   

If you would like to get a hold of me, feel free to email me at


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