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    My name is Roberto Manuel and I am pursuing a master's degree in Educational Technology.  I am currently attending California State University, Los Angeles, where I hope to obtain my degree .  I was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1977 and have resided in this city almost all of my life.  Hopefully in the coming year or two, I will set aside some time to travel across the United States and visit various cities and states. 

    I decided to delve into this master's program because I believe it will better prepare me to incorporate computer technology with the classroom curriculum.  Moreover, I believe that students nowadays must also be exposed and learn how to use the technology (computers) that will surround them in their future. 

  When I have a chance to relax and spend some time by myself, I like to watch a movie or listen to music.   My favorite movies are Once Upon a Time in America, Minority Report, The Game, and Life is Beautiful.  Ironically, I do not have any of these movies in my movie library.  The music that I like to hear ranges from rock to classical.  Some of the albums that I own include artists such as Kenny G, George Michael, The Beatles, The Cure, and Chris Isaak.    

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