Water Plants

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Shortly after the evolution of Unos cells into a multicellular eukaryotic (containing nucleus) Tres that had dominated the warmer waters of south Euseus Ocean, three forms of autotrophic organisms evolved in these waters.  Today, scientists identify them as the precursor of water plants that are dangerously decreasing in the populated shores of Rhoneah continent.  There is a current effort to clone these precious water plants and introduce them in water plant depleted regions of South Euseus and Capripous oceans.  Scientists are studying the following three ancient aquatic plants:


Shallow rocky shores are found sloping down between the boundaries connecting Penancea, Rhoneah, and Mandalea.

Mudflats plants found in the western shores of Mandalea where the cold upswelling of waters create a large expanse of muddy banks perfect for hardy mudflat plants. 

Free-floating unicellular plant-like organisms found throughout Euseus and Capripous oceans.

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