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Welcome to my home page! My name is Omar Moreno. I am a student at California State University, Los Angeles. I am one of the scientists who discovered the  planet Eucaliptus. If you  like to view any of my individual pages, just select one of them from the table below. In those web pages you can visualize the  life on Eucalyptus. It is really strange and exciting for us the humans on the planet Earth.

Water Plants Land Ecology
Water Animals Solar System
Water Ecology Microbiology
Land Plants Coordinate Water Animals
Land Animals Coordinate Land Ecology

I was born and raised in
El Salvador. I graduated from a high school called  Instituto Nacional Isidro Menendez. My family moved to Los Angeles in the early 80's. I studied at Los Angeles City College. Later I transferred to California State University, where I earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics. Since I was a small child, I dreamed of becoming a teacher. After graduating from college, I became a math teacher at Belmont High School. I enjoy teaching very much.


I  live in Los Angeles with my wife Ana and my two children Omar Jr. and Angela. We all love Los Angeles and travel around the city on the weekends. I like to spend my free time reading, playing computer games, and playing soccer with my children. Community leadership is one of my newly discovered passions. I belong to the community committee. We have several projects which include: installing bumps on the street to slow down traffic, cleaning the neighborhood, and planting trees. 

If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at


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