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Eucaliptus was formed 4 billion years ago. It revolves around the sun Tablus. Eucaliptus is also called the water planet because 75% of its surface is covered by water. It has two major continents: Mataliptus and Bulatus. Due to their locations, these continents experience very different weathers. Mataliptus enjoys both tropical rain forest and four seasons weathers. Bulatus, on the other hand, experiences below freezing temperatures almost all year round. Mataliptus becomes our major focus in our journey.

Our recent discoveries have shown that there are many beautiful mountains and valleys, rivers and waterfalls in Mataliptus, especially in the Southeast regions. Its amazing cliffs and ocean waves are glorious! Our team also discovered many unique creatures and plants in this continent. As we continued our journey, many majestic views present themselves in front of our very own eyes. They were beautiful beyond description!


We would like you to enjoy our excitement!

So, come and join us to experience for yourself the wonders of Eucaliptus!


The Exploration Team

Adeline Liew

Omar Moreno


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