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       AlThanAl is the third planet from our star known as Sim.  Our planet also has a nickname known as the Turquoise Planet because it has a turquoise coloring that can be seen from space.   AlThanAl is an interesting planet because it is very similar to Earth.  AlThanAl is a tropical planet that sustains life, such as a variety of plants and animals, much like Earth.  It is also the only planet in our solar system known as simlar system that contains all the elements that sustain life, such as oxygen.  If the Earth's sun ever dies, people could travel to AlThanAl, which is only 7.6 light years away.  Therefore, if people on Earth ever develop a way to travel in light years, they could move to AlThanAl.  AlThanAl's simlar system does have some differences compared with Earth's solar system.  For example, AlThanAl's simlar system has a total of four planets, Verdana, Maiandra, AlThanAl, and Lucida.  There are many more unique differences and similarities between Earth's solar system and AlThanAl's simlar system and we welcome you to explore and travel through our website to find out all about AlThanAl's simlar system.


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