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universe1.gif DYNASTY 18 is the solar system located next to the constellation ORION.

It has two planets - OSIRIS and ISIS.  OSIRIS has one moon named HORUS.  The sun for DYNASTY 18 is a G2 and it is named SHU.

OSIRIS was also named after the main continent which is a great crater that lies at the center of the planet.  It resembles the "human eye".  If you look in a medical dictionary, the word OS means OPEN and the word IRIS means EYE.

The crater was created over one billion years ago when an object of astronomical proportions struck the inner crust, creating this main great continent of the planet.  It is theorized that the object was the 3rd but no longer planet of DYNASTY 18 called SET.

OSIRIS is a beautiful and wondrous planet filled with spectacular sights and inhabited by some of   the most interesting land and sea animals.  

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Come and take a tour of this magical planet.

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