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 ABOUT OSIRIS - written by historian KIMBERLY

OSIRIS (ohseye'rihs) was initially the ruler of predynastic Egypt (DYNASTY 18) according to Egyptian mythology.  The Egyptians knowledge of agriculture and civilization was said to be given to them by OSIRIS.  As a result, OSIRIS came to symbolize nature, vegetation and earth.  

The planet OSIRIS and the main continent (often called the OSIRIS eye) represents everything that this Egyptian god is known for - it is rich in vegetation and nature.


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OSIRIS married ISIS, the Egyptian goddess  of magic and had a son called HORUS

Horus came to be known as the Egyptian  god whose left eye was the moon and whose right eye was the sun.

The green, opalescent planet in DYNASTY 18 is called Isis due to its mystical appearance.

The moon of OSIRIS is Horus.

According to legend, OSIRIS was murdered by his evil brother Set.   But by the magic of his wife ISIS he was miraculously brought back to life and went on to rule in the afterlife.    His myth, the restoration of life after his murder, made him a great symbol of the persistence of life.

The G2 sun in DYNASTY 18 was named after SHU which is the Egyptian God of space and light between sky and earth.