Welcome to the planet Lumpar. It is the fourth planet in the Nus Solar System. Lumpar is the only planet in the Titanic Solar System that is capable of sustaining life. It has many of Earth's primitive charateristics. Because Nus, the sun, is so young and will only exist for about 4.3 billion years, Lumpar will barely have time to see multi-cellular life evolve. Earth scientist were hoping to be able to colonize this world, but they know that the F5 sun will not make this possible.

It's two moons and the existence of a binary star system create a strong gravitational pull on Lumpar. Because of this, the mid-ocean tide height is 1.48 meters. Earth's mid-ocean tide reaches an average height of 0.51 meters.

The strong gravitational pull also causes Lumpar to experience a surface gravity of 6.3 meters per second squared. The thought of weighing less is a tempting reason to relocate. But as you soon will discover through your ventures, this planet is quite dangerous..... deadly in fact. Don't pack your bags yet!