Ego's geology is quite different from her nearby planets. There is a good deal of tectonic motion, bringing ground quakes and volcanic activity with it. The hot and massive iron and heavy metal core comes quite near the surface. This causes the tectonic plates on the surface to move fairly dramatically. The plates are constantly drifting at measurable rates, 4 centimeters per year. Many of the ground quakes range from 2.0 to 8.7 on the Richter Scale, because the ground is soft and the crust is thin.

This keeps Ego from forming very tall mountains. The two tallest mountains are: Cusson at 15,432 feet high and Arenna at 13,261 feet high. Several other peaks are scattered on two major continents. The makeup of the planet is 60% water and 40% land.


As the gravitational pull from the other members of the star system slowly alter Ego's tilt back toward 5 degrees, the planet warms more and the atmosphere is agitated still more. The collected moisture precipitates out with heavy rains and rivers and lakes rise to high levels. Flood conditions cycle repeatedly during Ego's 26 million year return to its 15 degree tilt. This keeps the atmospheric conditions in constant flux and keeps the planet's atmosphere from becoming too hot or too cold.

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