Ego Planet

Planetary Structure

Ego is the 2nd planet from the Sen at a distance of about 175 million kilometers (108.5 million miles). It takes 212.375 days for Ego to travel around the Sen and 18.673 hours for Ego to rotate a complete revolution. It has a diameter of 4340 kilometers (6484 miles). Our atmosphere is composed of 30 percent nitrogen, 20 percent carbon dioxide, 18 percent water, 13 percent argon, 15 percent oxygen and 2 percent other constituents.


The average recorded temperature on Ego is 25º C ( 77º F) with a maximum temperature of 60º C ( 140º F ) and a minimum of 8º C
( 46º F).

Star Type of our Sen:

Our planet probably orbits G type stars. These stars have long enough lives to permit the development of life. The mass is around 2 x 108 tons.

Nearby planets: Oritar and Urni

Our planet is between two larger planets (Oritar and Urni) that the Sen could pull the planet this way and that. This gravitational pulling causes stresses which cause friction in the rocks. The rocks move only a little, but that is enough to generate heat. The heat may cause lava to come out.

Moon: Rugaba

Ego's moon is about one seventy-first of Ego's mass, and has no atmosphere at all.

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