The main marine flora of Disco include algae and kelp. At the present time, researchers have studied about 150 different species so far. It is believed that Disco could contain more than 200,000 species of aquatic plants. Most marine plants are primitive. Grasses and weeds are also abundant. The water plants have shown the ability to adapt themselves to the seashore environment in regard to the rapid rotation of planet Disco. This is due to the root like rhizoids which grip the sea floor and are not damaged by the tumultious ocean currents. Discophyte is a common algae and is the main source of food for marine animals. Algae can also be found in freshwater areas. Dense kelp forests provide a multistoried home for scores of animal species. Sea grasses carpet both shallow and deep waters.

Microscopic water plants can also be found on planet Disco. There are many different kinds, belonging to several large groups. The algae are non flowering plants of varied form. Disco's flowering plants which reside at shallow depths are made up of bulbs, leaves and flowers. These plants are able to grow leaves and flowers above the water surface because they are free floating. The flowers are then able to bloom because they attract pollinating insects. A number of plants are succulents capable of storing water. All are thrifty and resistant to wind, salt, spray and drought.

Flora Chart

1998 Monique Ramos