The water temperature for Planet Disco is a stable 70 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter, storms prevail and the planet receives 20 inches of rain at the polar regions. Disco receives up to 200 inches of rain at the equatorial regions. Volcanic eruptions keep the water warm at 58 degrees Fahrenheit during the land freeze cycle. Water is able to dissolve into any other liquid. This is why life is able to exist because cell formation began in the ocean. Only 10% of Disco's water is freshwater. Disco's oceans have formed on the polar regions only. Freshwater is stored in glaciers, icecaps, ponds and lakes. The oceans are separated by an equatorial land mass.


The ocean was created when the temperature of the earth's surface fell below the boiling point of water. Water vapor rose as volcanic eruptions occurred. Planet Disco's oceans range between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The ocean accounts for 60% of Planet Disco's surface. The average salinity of sea water is 2.5% per cent; a cubic mile of sea water contains 90 million tons of salt. There are no tides. Due to the planet's fast rotation, violent waves are created. Refer to the Weather page for a map of how the ocean currents work. Nutrients are circulated through polar waters only. The ocean realm merges with the atmosphere, and both join with land to create a single dynamic system. At this time, the ocean is environmentally stable and healthy.