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After years of investigations, scientists discovered a way to travel into space at a much faster speed. Using the sun as a source of energy, spaceships can now travel at the speed of light. The waves of energy in the form of solar winds created by the Sun provide a non-stop source of energy for our spaceships. We are the first ones to ever journey to space, so far away from the Earth. Just like Christopher Columbus discovered a new world, we discovered an Earth like planet. We named the planet Sooto. The name is a combination of the discoverer's names.

If you like it, you are more than welcome to stay! In this solar system, there are four planets.  Sooto is the third planet away from its sun. It has two moons (Bryson and Moore), two continents and a chain of islands that were formed from beneath the mantle. Both continents are located near the equator. The Brittany Continent is larger than the Maya Continent. The Chain of islands is named the Retirement Islands.

Both continents are located near the equator; hence, there are only two seasons. 

The temperature on Sooto ranges from about eighty degrees to over one hundred degrees. The raining season is longer than the dry season; therefore, vegetation is more abundant than on earth.

The are two oceans, and rivers are abundant as well. Lakes also exist, but they  are sweet (fresh) water lakes. Saltwater lakes are non-existent. The fauna and flora are much like on our planet, but we have also found great diversity that must be protected at any cost. Minerals are the same ones as on Earth. Crude oil is not existent; therefore, another source of energy must be utilized. We have concluded that in order to save the environment, that the new habitants must use solar energy.

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