Hello, my name is Marco Nava. Welcome to my homepage.

I was born in 1969 in Mexico but I was raised in California. I grew up in the Los Angeles area. I teach 5th grade in the City of South Gate. I work at Bryson Ave. Elementary which is part of Los Angeles Unified School District.

A Few of My Favorite Things

I enjoy many things. I like participating and watching sports.

* On Mondays I play on a bowling team called "No Ma'am."
* On Saturdays I play on a tennis team called 3 Aces and a Let. We won the championship last season.
* On Sundays, I played on a Basketball team called the Wachington Generals. We named it that way  because we were a pretty   lousy team and  the  Generals were the team that the Harlem Globetrotters always beat up on.


What I Like:

Favorite foods:  
    Chicken Mole, Pozole, Lasagna, Shrimp (prepared any way), and Carne Asada.
Favorite drinks:
    Tequila, Vodka, Jamaica and Lemonade.
Favorite musical performers and groups:
    Sinead O'Connor, Bjork, Natalie Merchant, Stone Roses
Favorite television show:
    Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: Voyager Welcome to Star Trek
Favorite computer or video game:
    Tetris, Blast Radius, Carsh Team Racing
Favorite books:
    The Bible, Brave New World
My hero or heroine:
    My mother, who taught me almost everything valuable I know
Favorite quote:
    It Happens!

Marco Nava
Last updated: 1/19/2000