Santarus and

its Planets

Santarus the Star

Santarus, Chranara's sun, is located within the Abell 1656 Galaxy. Santarus is a main sequence star 25,000 light years from the center of the galaxy. It is a G1 star with a radius of 600,000 km and a mass of 298,500 kg. It has a luminescent green luster that adorns the sky of Chranara along with the other planets in the solar system.


Santarus' Solar System

There are four planets in the solar system. The first planet is Calypso. Calypso is blue in color because of its liquid surface. The planet is completely covered by an ocean of hydrogen sulfide with temperatures varying from 150-200 degrees Celsius. Scientist are unaware of what the core is made of due to the extreme temperatures. The distance of Calypso from the sun is 0.56 AU. A year on Calypso lasts 64 earth days. Calypso has two moons orbiting around the planets. Their names are Harella and Partria. Both moons are similar in size being about an eighth of the size of Calypso.

Chranara is the second planet from the sun. Chranara is a beautiful sphere with a spraying of blue, green, brown, gray and white. There are three major continents upon the surface of Chranara with water covering 60% of the surface. Climates are mild on the surface and are conducive to lush forests and a plethora of agricultural land. A year on Chranara is 304 days. A day lasts 35 hours. Chranara is located .833 AU from Santarus.

Talac is the third planet from Santarus. Talac has a brown color because of its rocky surface. Because Talac is such a small planet there is not enough gravity to hold an atmosphere. The temperatures vary greatly between day and night. During the day temperatures will rise to 175 degrees Celsius and at night drop to 100 degrees Celsius. It is believed that Talac has a dense core of iron. The distance from Talac to Santarus is 0.1.75 AU. A year on Talac is 639 earth days.

The fourth planet from Santarus is Monteros. Monteros is the largest of all the planets and is actually larger than the other three combined. Monteros is mostly made of gases and scientist do not know if a core exists. One theory is the gravity is so great that the gases are pressurized and form a liquid core. The appearance of Monteros is banded and striped with colors of blue, purple and green. The stripes have been formed because of the high turbulent winds on the surface. Monteros has eight known moons, but scientist believe there may be more. The distance from Monteros to the sun is 6.23 AU. A year on Monteros lasts 5368 earth days or 2274 earth days.





0.56 AU

64 earth days


0.833 AU

304 earth days


1.75 AU

639 earth days


6.23 AU

2274 earth days

The Santarus Solar System


The Planet Chranara

Chranara is similar to Earth in appearance. It is a mixture of blue, green, brown and white from space. Chranara has one moon that orbits around the planet every 32 days. Temperatures are moderate on Chranara ranging from -75 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. A year on Chranara is 304 days while a day lasts 35 hours. The axis of Chranara is tilted 10% providing 4 seasons.  


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