The Meteorology of Chranara


Planet Chranara

Planet Chranara is comprised of 60% water and 40% land mass located on three large continents.  The tilt of our axis is 10% providing days which are 35 hours long.  The elliptical orbit allows us to experience seasons during our 304 days of the year.  Weather patterns are mild without extremes.

Global Climate

As on earth, our water currents travel from our equator to the north pole in a circular motion.  Water and wind currents circulate to left in the lower half of our world.  The distribution of our land masses result in a combination of moisture and temperature. Tropical warm air masses allow balmy temperatures on all three continents.  Mountain elevations of up to 12,000 feet create cooler air masses and winter snow.  


Rainfall amounts on Chranara range from under 10" per year in isolated desert areas to up to 50" per year in tropical rain forest areas located near the ocean.  The ability of our air to hold water increases with our rising temperatures.  We enjoy mild summer-like conditions in an extended season near our equator.  Rain fall provides excellent vegetation and an extended growing season.


Chranara enjoys fairly moderate temperatures.  Our winter season has lows below freezing  in our higher elevations providing snowfall and providing excellent winter sports activities. Milder summer- like temperatures are never far off in Chranara making it an ideal vacation destination.  In our recent history we have experienced no extreme weather patterns.  Visitors can relax without worry of severe weather impairing their visit.



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