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Arroma is located in the Azem Solar System.  This system was discovered by three enthusiastic   explorers at the California State University in Los Angeles. The Azem Solar System is one of many in our neighboring galaxy of Andromeda M31.


There are four planets that revolve around the sun Azem.   The planets are  as follows, beginning with the closest to Azem: Arace, Airam, Aldez and Arroma. Arromassystem.jpg (25780 bytes)

Come to ARROMA if you want to be amazed!!!
Arroma is a beautiful planet to visit.  It offers the visitor an unforgettable experience.  The land is filled with vegetation and unbelievable colors. 
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Meet the Exploratory Team

 Araceli Chavez


Maria Peraza


Rosario Valdez

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