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Hello!  My name is Jenny Tran.  I was born in Vietnam but left the country while I was still a baby.  Trying to escape communism, my family and I moved to Taiwan where we stayed for about two years.  We immigrated to the United States thereafter.  I grew up and went to school in the Los Angeles area.

After graduating from Rosemead High School, I went to UCLA where I received my bachelor's degree in psychology with a specialization in liberal studies.  I started teaching at San Antonio School right after college.  My multiple subjects credential was obtained at Cal State L.A.  

Currently, I'm a third grade teacher at Longden Elementary School in Temple City. Teaching is extremely rewarding and I truly enjoy working with children.  To further build my knowledge in education, I'm pursuing a master's degree in new media design and production.   As much as I love being a teacher, I also enjoy learning new things.

When I'm not working or taking classes, I indulge myself through shopping and eating out with my friends.  I also like playing tennis and volleyball.  

Thank you for taking time to learn about me.  Have fun traveling through the planet of Lujenar!

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