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This website is dedicated to our tropical world located near the star Alakazam.  We invite you to come and explore our warm, lush planet, but be sure to bring your rain gear as showers occur frequently!


While here, be sure to look in the night sky for our two moons, Zork and Xena, as well as our neighbor planets, Chunk, Shrek, and Bobble.
Enjoy our warm year-round weather at almost any latitude.  Alakazam shines nearly 11 hours every day, giving you plenty of daylight for exploration.  Since Letjenje is 80% covered in water, beautiful beaches abound.  Our oceans are teaming with wildlife, so SCUBA gear might be another item to bring with you!

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Since Letjenje only has .7 of the Earth's gravity, make sure you pack your heaviest pair of shoes, otherwise walking around might prove to be difficult!  You will find that we have very tall mountains to climb, such as Mt. Kaliki on the continent Bejazz, many dramatic waterfalls, especially on Salsine, and swamplands on Veranda teaming with land animals much larger than what you Earthlings are familiar with.

Come - Explore - Enjoy!!!!

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