General Planet Description: Fe-o-tus is very similar to a tropical region on earth. The same could be said for the planet's gravity. It is considered a new planet, since it is developing as we speak. The planet has two seasons that are almost identical. The summer temperature can range from 72F-95F. In the winter, the temperature can range from 60F-80F. Although most of the year is very beautiful, we still have some terrible storms. Our planet's surface is about 87% water. As you can probably tell one of our greatest pleasures is our weather.

Major Air and Water Currents: Sea Breeze; The presence of so much water gives weather by the sea its own particular characteristics. The winds that blow off the ocean, tend to be moister than those blowing off the land. Thus, the coastal areas tend to be a bit wetter than the non-coastal areas. The ocean also acts as a giant thermostat, since its own temperature doesn't change that much, therefore enabling the land masses to maintain their warm temperatures. Away from the ocean's current, winds are often warmed as they come down from the mountains. This mixed with the ocean breeze produces the tropical climate setting.

Rainfall: Rainfall averages between 35 and 45 inches a year. The mountains get almost half the amount of rain when being compared to the other parts of the land. The heaviest rains come during the winter months. Most rain falls during the night.





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