How did a species begin? Who's to know for sure? Some of the easiest questions to come up with, yet some of the most difficult to answer. Scientist believe that the species of Terisiss began in the mountain lakes of Fe-o-tus. The Terisiss was a fast moving single cell that was covered with creotes (tiny hairs). These creotes acted like microscopic oars that pushed it through the muddy murky waters.

As the bottom of the waters became less abundant with nutrients the Terisiss of the great lakes developed fins that controlled its vertical motion. Thus, when it needed to find food it would leave the bottom and look in a less populated area. This introduced the Vertisiss.

The hunt for food and the volcanic chemicals caused from the constant lava flow effected the Verisiss to mutate a tail-looking limb. With the addition of this new limb the horisiss was able to find food at a much greater pace. This caused it to almost triple in size. The Horisiss was now able to control its up and down motion as well as its horizontal motion at a much greater speed.

After millions of years the Horisiss outgrew the fins which evolved into arm looking limbs. This creature was more regional, meaning it did not travel great distances for food. The quadisiss grew twice the size of the Horisiss, but was not able to swim as fast. It also grew a much bigger oral cavity. 


Terisiss also evolved in the streams and rivers of the tropical forest. The Terisiss evolved by growing legs to walk across the rocky surfaces of he moving waters. This allowed them to travel beyond the muddy waters. These creatures were known as Mobisiss. These legs were constantly growing due to the sharp surfaces of the rocks and obsidian.

The constant threat of predators made the mobisiss grow legs grow into "suckers" which allowed them to grasp onto the rock cavities. From the rear bone, out grew a shell covering the Proisiss which allowed extra protection but hindered its mobility.

As the Proisiss became less immobile it also grew larger, making life in this biome a hardship. Thus, the emergence of the Liftisiss. This animal was able to expand in tight spots, which enabled it to feed on smaller creatures secured by crevices. This hard body worked as a protector and tool. This animal can use metamorphosis to change into different shapes depending on what size and shape rock it attached to when it was young and small.


One of the earliest water animal derived from the single celled Terisiss. It is believed that this cell began in the mountain lakes and traveled through the rivers of the rainforest and developed in part in the deltas. The Terisisss evolved into a more complicated animal. In the deltas it mutated into a fish-looking creature. It had a protective plate around its head that acted as a weapon to catch prey. This creature was known as the Smashisiss.

As the Smashisiss out grew its parameters of the deltas it headed out more into the seas. However, as the animals in the seas where larger, its method of catching food no longer worked as well. As it would try to smash larger prey, many times the prey would open its mouth and simply devour the Smashisiss. The Smashisiss grew spores that irritated the stomach of whatever ate it. Thus, it would try to regurgitate the Sporisiss. As it did this it would usually die as the Sporisiss destroyed its stomach. Moreover, the Sporisiss would feed off the much larger predator.

Sporisiss eventually traveled back to the delta areas of Fe-o-tus. Due to the lack of large prey, it did not grow as huge as in the deep sea. As the use of its plated head depleted it grew spores and mutated into an animal covered with spores. These spores allowed it to sting and hold its prey while feeding.





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