You are going to enter into the magnificent planet Laga. Laga is the fourth planet orbiting around the star Kadesh, within the star's life-bearing zone. You will be the beneficiaries of the research efforts carried on by three scientists from planet Earth. What follows is the report of the findings of these researchers. The journey began many years ago, and our target was the Andromeda Galaxy. The goal of the mission was to find new planets that could sustain life as we know it on Earth.

Laga has a temperate mild climate in the areas close to the equator with desert areas that extend toward the poles. Much of the surface is semi-humid which encouraged the development of a great variety of living organisms. We invite you to enjoy the wonderful world of Laga.


Meet the Researchers

 Silvia Tinajero

 Ya-Hui-Shu (ADA)

 Daniel Gabellini

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Images courtesy NASA