Arida Scientist / Explorer and World Builder
Gavin Moore




Discovery and creation of new worlds is truly an enriching, engaging, and amazing endeavor. A quest for experiences and knowledge is a continuous journey that leads through both inner and outer space. It is a journey without beginning and without end. My personal quest for experience and knowledge has led me to become a professional educator - I am both a student and a teacher.


As a youngster I had a strong interest in Science, particularly astronomy. I spent many nights in the backyard with my telescope, gazing at the stars - dreaming of what life the universe held. An interest in Ecology developed as my view of life and the reality of our world widened. I became firmly committed to the environmental cause in 1970 on the occasion of the first Earth Day celebration.

I graduated from La Salle High School in Pasadena in 1977, and went on to study at the University of California at Santa Barbara. I received a B.A. in Environmental Biology and Sociology. I earned my Professional Clear Single Subject Credential with an authorized field of Life Science at California State University, Los Angeles. I am completing my Master's Degree in Education with an option in New Media Design and Production at Cal State LA as well.

I currently teach Science along with Economics, Psychology, Music, and Physical Education at Arcadia High School Alternative Program. I have previous teaching experience in middle school and other alternative school settings.

As a teacher it is my goal to help students open their minds to the world of possibilities that surround them, and to assist their building of the knowledge needed to explore and participate in the worlds that open up to them. It is my hope that all students and teachers of the world can find a way to keep our planet healthy as we continue to explore the outer reaches of both mind and matter ...



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