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Arida is the second planet orbiting around the star Venda. Also in the solar system are the planets Trull, Zena, Meta and Selna.

Arida is a hot and dry world where there is only a slight difference between winter and summer, the days are long (and so are the nights) and there are often awesome displays of lights from the Ring of Fire in the sky.

Arida was named from the desert-like environment that covers most of its surface. Except for a small, tropical belt between the ocean and the mountains, much of the surface of Arida is dry and sunny. There are few rainy days on Arida, and most life forms have adapted to living without much moisture. The gravity on Arida is 1.22 times that of Earth, and the day is 30 Earth hours. Just beyond the atmosphere of Arida lies a ring of protomoons at a distance of about 2.5 times the planet's radius. This ring of fire could have once been an orbiting moon, but it has disintegrated into rocks and space dust which swirl around the equatorial belt of Arida, often generating beautiful lighting effects in the sky when seen from the planet's surface.

Meet those who discovered Arida
 Patrick Beaulieu
 Gavin Moore
 Warren Swil

Chapter 1  The Venda system Chapter 6  Water animals
Chapter 2  Geology Chapter 7  The underwater world
Chapter 3  Climate Chapter 8  Land plants
Chapter 4  Microbiology Chapter 9  Land animals
Chapter 5  Water plants Chapter 10  Land ecology

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Image from the Hubble Space Telescope, courtesy NASA
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