Feven's Water Plants

Feven has a rich variety of water plants which adds to the serene beauty of the planet. Millions of years of evolution in addition to regular humidity patterns account for the many plants found along delta, river banks and shallow lake beds.

Cooled lava rock became the birth place for water based plants. These water plants took root upon the cooled lava rock and became the base for kelp. The kelp clung to the rock, dissolved it, thus making up the soils of Feven. During periods of global warming, the sun dried the planet leaving the ground bare and ready for the first water borne spores to take to the air. The first forms of life such as the Tenuis Fons Eruca were characterized by the slender stalks that reached out to its environment to take in nourishment. As this plant took in nourishment from the heat, it was reflected to the reddish bulbs on the top. These bulbs were actually spores that would reproduce if the right environment could be found. In the illustration, note how the colorful stems served as camaflauge.

The Luremia flower is one of the many natural wonders found amongst the flora of Feven.

The Liligish plant is found along riverbanks on the planet's surface.

This plant's vibrant colors are caused by the mineral rich silt the roots have taken hold in. The Caloria is found in the tropical regions.

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