My name is Sam Ha. I am a graduate student at California State University of Los Angeles, or more affectionately known as CSLA. I am studying Instructional Technology as applied to the classroom under the direction of Dr. James Wiebe and Dr. Elizabeth Viau. Come look at Planet Feven! Lyle Takeshita and Vicente Lossada helped me work on it.

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Distributed Subject Trees

HTML Resources

Search Engines

Simultaneous Searching

Web Page Editors for Windows

Occupational Therapy Resources

Distributed Subject Trees

The Virtual Library

All-In-One Search Page, A compilation of over 100 forms-based Internet search tools, grouped by category.

The Argus Clearinghouse former known as the Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Resource Guides. Subject-oriented research guides.

Internet Resources Meta-Index (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
Resource directories and indices available on the Internet.

Ziff Davis with links to eighteen magazines which include PC Magazine, MacUser, PC Computing, and more.

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HTML Resources

A Beginners Guide to HTML this is the most requested file from NCSA. It's a good, solid, beginning HTML tutorial.

HTML Resources from the United States Naval Academy.

HyperNews Forums including Web Mastery, Web Style, HTML, The Language, Learning HTML, HTML Editors, HTML Converters,tWorld Wide Web, Servers, Browsers, and Images.

Library -HTML tools

World Wide Web Consortium

Web Developers Virtual Library

Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction has generously madeavailable a tutorial on HTML for both MAC or Windows. It is also downloadable. The file is 600K. Excellent 23 plus lessons!

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Web Page Editors for Windows


HoTMetaL Pro

HTML Assistant

Internet Search Tools is a document with references and links by the Library of Congress.

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Occupational Therapy Resources

My wife Denise is an Occupational Therapist. She works at Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center in Downey, CA. If you are an OT or are interested in OT references, look at these websites.

Occuaptional Therapy and Physical Therapy Internet

OT Internet World

InternOT: Occup@tional Ther@py on the Internet

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Search Engines


Probably the best subject oriented index around. Yahoo is a great starting place for most people, especially since it is already indexed and catagorized for you.


This is the one I use the most of all the single threaded search engines. It has the fastest turnaround time I have seen. Read the search options, especially on assigning the degree of stregth or importance to a term and on how to cut down on unwanted URLs.


Alta Vista is a commercial product by Digital. The search engine has been chosen by Netscape to be its default search engine. Very comprehensive.


This search engine uses both full text indexing and header material to form its database.


It builds an impressively complete index and indexes the content of documents. Sorts the documents according to how closely they match your search.

SavySearch-Select from www resources, people, commercial, technical reports, news, etc.


There is the simple search which is the default that can search by exact phrase. Also uses AND as well as OR. The Power Search lets you use (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, FOLLOWED BY). Plus, it can search differentfields of the database such as the: summary, title, contents first header tag, and URL. If that weren't all, there is a "find similar pages" option. This is simple for the novice with more advanced options for experts.

Excite allows for conceptual searching and "More like this". Boolean (AND, OR). Fantastic for searching in general fields if you don't know what to look for.

Hotbot another search engine. Highly rated by PC Magazine.

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Simultaneous Searching


It searches 8 other search engines and displays the results. It searches WebCrawler, Lycos, Alta Vista, Yahoo, Hotbot, Galaxy, and Excite.

Internet Sleuth

It will allow you to search up to ten different databases simultaneously.

WW3 Search Page

Meta-search page with many search engines.

Virtual Search Engines

This will search over 500 search engines in 40 different catagories. It includes the search form for at least ten of the most popular search engines. Often busy, it is worth waiting for.

The Searcher

Has links that include WWW Super Searcher, Search Page, Internet Wizard, Snake Eyes, CUSI's Search Engines, Workgroup Search Page, Link Search, Search Engines, All In One, Sun's Multithreaded Query Page, QuarterDeck's Search Engines, Multiple Search, Savvy Search, All 4 One, PHOAKS - Acronym standing for people helping one another know stuff.

Inference Find

A parallel six search engines on the Internet (currently WebCrawler, Yahoo, Lycos, Alta Vista, InfoSeek, and Excite), merges the results, removes redundancies, and clusters the results into neat understandable groupings. Set the time it seaches from 3 to 30 seconds.


Includes 12 search engines. Choices between search engines, Usenet and ftp sites. Includes Yahoo, Lycos' A2Z, World Wide Web Worm, Lycos, Excite Guide Search, What USeek, WebCrawler, OpenText, Infoseek, AltaVista, Excite & HotBot. Usenet includes:, Dejanews, Excite News, Infoseek, Altavista and Dejanews' old database. Finally, FTP has: FTP Search and Snoopie! (Only the first word in your query will be passed on to these search engines.) May specify search time from 10 seconds up to 60 seconds.

Cyver411 Parallel Search Engine

Compiles results from fifteen different engines: Infoseek, Lycos, Webcrawler, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Excite, New Rider, Magellan, Point Search, Inktomi, Galaxy, Aliweb, Tribal Voice, Apollo, and Open Text.

Internet Sleuth

Allows you to search up to ten different databases simultaneously.

Table of Contents

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