The exploding  sun

Planet Feven is similar in most aspects to earth. It is approximately 900 billion light years from the earth. Temperature varies in different geographical regions from below 0 Celsius to above 100 in the Andremans islands. Taking into account the similar earth temperatures, the diversity of life on Planet Feven is also similar. Plant and animal life exists, and regenerate via photosynthesis, as well as through geothermal energy processing. The heat is used as energy. Since heat is a source of energy, geographic proximity to the three volcanoes is an important factor for certain species to survive. The three volcanoes provide much of the needed energy for these species of plants on the planet.

Sam Ha did the naming of the planet. Feven is an abbreviated Latin word from fervenster which means "glowing, hot, or fiery."


Chapter One: Solar System Chapter Six: Water Animals
Chapter Two: Geology Chapter Seven: Water Ecology
Chapter Three: Weather Chapter Eight: Land Plants
Chapter Four: Microbiology Chapter Nine: Land Animals
Chapter Five: Water Plants Chapter Ten: Land Ecology

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