Creating the Rocky Surface

Unit Two --- Geology

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Get Help and Super Image Source!

Ask a Geologist! Get help here!
Ask a Volcanologist to make the volcanoes on your world authentic!

Gorgeous Images of Earth from NASA: perfect for views of your planet, images for thinking about contour maps. Give credit to NASA. These are great!

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Planets and Moons

Detailed explanation of how planets form in a solar system. Read this!

Views of the Solar System by Calvin J. Hamilton with images and extensive information about the planets and their moons. There is also information on the history of space exploration and the space missions. There are lesson plans and activities for educational use. Check the earth section of this site again for information on impact craters and volcanoes. Now also in Spanish!

The Lunar and Planetary Institute has lesson plans and other materials for educators, and beautiful images of the planets and the moons. Many pictures are in 3D.  A CD Rom is available: $30 US includes shipping. There are lots of good sample images and explanations at this site!

Composition of Mercury, Venus, Earth and the moon. Excellent diagrams of interior structure and well organized information. Links to similar pages on the more remote planets.

Meteorites and Their Properties: a fine site by Dr. David A. Kring at the University of Arizona describes the origin, composition, structure, and craters of meteorites.

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Plate Tectonics and the Structure of the Earth

The Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics. Excellent explanations.

Inside the Earth. Good diagram, historical information.

An excellent site about the structure and evolution of the earth, plate tectonics and glaciation. The site has maps, diagrams, and clear and simple information as well as a Teacher's Guide, activities, and a link to Volcano World. Don't miss this one! You will love it!

Excellent pages on the evolution of the earth, plate tectonics, geological ages.

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Making and Reading Maps

Dave's VRML Topographic Map Generator (IBM)
Generates world maps from any point you choose and outputs them in JPEG or GIG format. Needs VRML Browser -- you can download one from here. Sample maps include the Amazon Basin, the Himalayas, the Rockies, the Marianas Trench (under the ocean), and the Mediterranean. Check the biosphere texture map to see how vegetation is distributed on earth.

How to Read a Topographic Map. You are being asked to draw topographic maps of your planet for Chapter Two: you might want to read through this lesson if you have any questions about topographic maps. Good, clear materials. This lesson is one of four lessons about maps at this site, lessons which you can use with your own classes.

Beautiful examples of relief maps from Chalk Butte Digital Maps. They have CD Roms and paper wall maps.

This page points to map making programs and tools, some for the IBM. Although these tools are intended for game designers, this page has possibilities for our type of world building, too.

A World Builder program for the PC, Windows '95. Extensive documentation and free download to experiment with. Makes maps.

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Volcanoes and Vulcanism

Volcanoes of the World: lots of good information and pictures!

Volcano World: Erupting volcanoes, volcano images and information, volcanoes on other worlds -- and more! Also Ask a volcanologist to make the volcanoes on your world authentic!

The Learning Web a United States Geological Service site, is dedicated to K-12 education, exploration, and Life Long Learning. It features volcanoes, resources for teachers and educational materials.

Mount St Helens National Monument: information on a recently erupting volcano.

A Virual Reality Tour of Mt St Helens: See scenes of the route on the climb to the summit

Gorgeous Images of Earth from NASA: perfect for views of your planet, images for thinking about contour maps. Give credit to NASA. These are great!

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The Sea Floor

Development and characteristics of the sea floor.

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Photograph from a Corel CD-ROM : for viewing only, not for downloading.  More Information.

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