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Session Five   --  Links   
Session Five   --  Links   

    Protists in the Water
    Protists in the Water

Explore the Oceans Algae   Images  Ecology 

Black Smokers  

Evolution Museums

Explore the Oceans

A United States Geological Services site about deep sea vents.  A good introduction, with pictures.

The Ocean Adventure from The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute will take you on a great tour of the earth's oceans. See chemosynthesizing creatures around deep geothermal vents! This is a great trip!

A very informative yet simple course on the oceans and their life forms by the Office of Naval Research. Good resource if you are doing a unit on oceans.

American Museum of Natural History, Milstein Hall of Ocean Life has a beautiful extensive web site with dioramas, ecosystems, and educational resources.

The Structure of Beaches:  Very helpful diagram and information..

Smithsonian's Ocean Planet: a great museum exhibit with lots of information about oceans and the life forms in them.

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Information on Algae

This exceptional site will give you an accessible and comprehensive introduction to protists.  Excellent pictures.  Be sure to visit this one!

Introduction to Algae An excellent net slide show with clear, helpful information.

Welcome to the Seaweed   Beautiful pictures at site are accompanied by descriptions to tell you about red, green, and brown seaweeds.  Separate picture section has breath-taking but copyrighted photographs.

The SeaWeed Site:  Check the good information by pressing the Teaching button. There is good information on brown, red, and green seaweed. Also look at the wonderful pictures!  or

Many beautiful copyrighted pictures of algae. Select Random Picture to enjoy them.
On-Site Statement:  "
The images remain the property of the copyright owners who give permission for non-commercial use for research or teaching purposes, provided their copyright and the source is acknowledged."  Honor this generosity with citations!

Seaweeds of Hawaii  A beautiful site.  Copyrighted pictures of many varieties of green. blue-green, brown and red seaweeds with descriptions.  Respect copyright, use for inspiration for your own seaweeds!

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Seagrass: information about sea grasses, images, information, links. Great photos!  However, keep in mind that sea grasses are terrestrial plants that have returned to the sea.

Coral Photographs by Steve Tyree.

Deep ocean vents and their life forms. Good pictures.

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Marine Paleoecology:  This course has very simple and easy to understand information on conditions in the ocean and the effects of those conditions on life forms.   Excellent!

SIMoN. a Network that monitors the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, provides  pictures and information about the different habitats in this sanctuary.  Click on the links on the left hand side of the page and enjoy this beautifully presented information!

Assateague Plant Communities
Small groups of plants from several different biomes. Good information, attractive presentation.
The Tree of Life Phylogeny Project from the University of Arizona.
A huge project showing the interelationships of all life forms. Use the search box on the left of the page to find the organism that you are studying..

Kelp Forests: Jewels of the Sea.   Kelp forests near Tasmania. Describes the forest levels and their occupants.

Information and beautiful pictures of kelp forest. Excellent!

More gorgeous kelp forest pictures. Look, enjoy, please respect copyright.

Kelp Cam at Monterey Aquarium. Live video of the sea life in the kelp forest.

An On-Line Biology text book with lots of information.

Water Temperatures in the ocean and how the temperatures affect where the sharks live.  Interesting!

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Black Smokers

Hydrothermal Vents  Interactive site with lots of good information, interesting presentation.

Black Smokers and Giant Worms is an interesting paper that describes the life forms and ecology with more details than I have seen elsewhere,

Creatures of the Thermal Vents  Good information on the creatures that live around the deep sea hydrothermal vents.

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Evolution and Genetics 
Principles of Evolution Course by Dr Steven M Carr at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Good course notes for the interested reader.

Evolution from The Australian Museum Online discusses evolution under a set of headings. If you like to sit down and read everything about a topic all together, try these pages. They are well organized and suitable for the general reader.

Excellent list of essays on Evolution.

Slide show on cat genetics,
cat genetic lab exercise, text information on cat genetics and more! Teachers!!! Check this out!! by Dr Nan Hampton University of Texas at Austin,

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The Hunterian Museum of Glasgow
Take the virtual tour and click on the map. You will see sections on just what we are doing -- the beginning of the earth and it's life forms. It is similar, chapter for chapter, to our assignments -- don't miss this one!
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