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Course Notes and Tutorials on Virology
Check this out! The introductory section tells a little about viruses, and there are sections on viral infections in farm animals, Ebola, Hantavirus, and HIV. Yes! These little organisms are still very much in the news today!
Archives of Digitized Electron Microscope pictures of viruses, including Ebola and HIV. Check out the colorized ones!
This part of Dr R. E. Hurlbert's microbiology course deals with the scientific method and with evolution. All world builders should read this chapter!
Library of 3D Molecular Structures: these are available as gifs, or also as three dimensional models. You will need a special viewer to see these as 3D images.
Molecules include water and ice, carbon, molecules of life such as amino acids and lipids, sugars and photosynthesis. These are beautiful, and well worth a look!
The Cell Nucleus: a pictorial guide to chromatin organization by Gwen Childs @ U of Texas Medical Branch. Excellent science program, accessible to general reader who is willing to go slowly. Vocabulary words are linked to images and definitions. Graphics are very helpful.

A course in Cell Biology by Mark Daltonby Mark Dalton: Lots of information, good pictures, begins simply, with more information if you want it.

Information about the structure of cells: good graphics, simple explanations, easy navigation.

Cell Biology Laboratory Manual from Gustavus Adolphus College: fifteen chapters: university level. Author: William H Heidcamp

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