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Session Three   --  Links   
Session Three   --  Links   

    Weather and Climate
    Weather and Climate

  Weather Greenhouse
Clouds   Ocean Currents 

Magnetic  Field  


Weather Systems

Ask Jack Your Weather Questions
at the USATODAY site. Many weather questions are already asked and sorted by subject and heading. There is a mine of easy to understand informaion here.

Meterology 101 Course by Dr. Steve Ackerman.
Lectures are in note form, but are easy to follow. Good diagrams and images. Basic information: wind formation, clouds and rain, general circulation of atmosphere.

Weather and Climate from Earth Science Australia:  interesting information about weather, cloud formations, global warming, climate change in earlier times and much more.

USAToday on How Weather Works Lots of good, simply explained information arranged under subject headings. Check this site first!

On Line Guides to Meteorology features instructional modules on Light and Optics, Clouds and Precipitation, Forces and Winds, Air Masses and Fronts, Weather Forecasting, Severe Storms, Hurricanes, El Nino, and the Hydrologic Cycle. You can find the answers to a lot of questions here!

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The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect: EPA Global Warming Kids Site: Information, good explanations, movies -- fun for all!

Greenhouse Effect: Good explanation with helpful diagrams.

Activity: Earth Science: The Greenhouse Effect In A Jar. This simple experiment shows how radiated heat can be trapped.

EPA: Global Warming: Climate: The Environmental Protection Agency explains the greenhouse effect.

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An excellent page with descriptions, data, and images of clouds.  Adult reading level.
PSC Meteorology Program Cloud Boutique Good descriptions and pictures of types of clouds
Clouds and Precipitation University of Illinois provides information on cloud development and types: many pictures are included. The site also discusses types of precipitation.
The atmosphere section of the Principles of Aeronautics Internet Textbook has good information on clouds and weather.

Cloud catalog, good pictures.

Gene Moore has posted gorgeous pictures of storms with information and links.

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Ocean Currents  

Window on the Universe website has excellent information about the ocean.  Click on the graphic about the ocean currents on earth to get some ideas about how ocean currents might work on your world.

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Newton's Apple Teachers' to Permafrost

Ice Ages: good information.

Glacial Geology at the University of Cincinnati. Breath-taking pictures and course materials that you can download. Pictures may be used for education if you ask for permission. A must see site if your planet has ice on it!

Computer Simulations and real pictures of the dry valleys in Antarctica. Very interesting!

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Magnetic Field

The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere is a comprehensive etextbook about the magnetosphere. An excellent reference document. Includes a math refresher section. Also available in Spanish.

What is the Magnetosphere? MSFC, part of NASA, has put together this simple and informative introduction to the magnetic field that surrounds our earth.

Aurora's Northern Lights: beautiful photos of the Aurora Borealis --slide shows with spectacular pictures!

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The Atmosphere

Earth's Atmosphere A NASA page with good information about the atmosphere and accompanying diagrams. An excellent introduction.

Earth's Atmosphere A more in-depth treatment of our atmosphere, with information about its evolution and development over time. There are sections on ozone and the ozone layer.

The Earth's Atmosphere Good diagrams and information on the atmosphere.

Adult text description of the atmosphere. OK for the layperson. Information available at this site for instructors and younger readers, too. Very helpful!

Earth's Primordial Environment gives a short introduction to the atmosphere believed to have existed on the early earth.  Information is presented in three reading levels to accommodate users of different reading levels.

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