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Session Two   --  Links   
Session Two   --  Links   

    Creating the Rocky Surface
    Creating the Rocky Surface

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Get Help and Super Image Source!

Ask a Geologist! Get help here!

Ask a Volcanologist to make the volcanoes on your world authentic!

Gorgeous Images of Earth from NASA: perfect for views of your planet, images for thinking about contour maps. Give credit to NASA. These are great!

Earth Science Australia: a huge site packed with a tremendous amount of information on earth science, fossils, geological structures, downloadable free software, information for teachers and a free Self-education Earth Science Course.  The information is easy to understand, readable, and accompanied by many pictures and diagrams.  Don't skip this one!

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Planets and Moons

The Solar System by Calvin J. Hamilton with images and extensive information about the planets and their moons. There are lesson plans and activities for educational use. Check the earth section of this site again for information on impact craters and volcanoes.

The Lunar and Planetary Institute has lesson plans and other materials for educators, and beautiful images of the planets and the moons. Many pictures are in 3D.  A CD Rom is available: $30 US includes shipping. There are lots of good sample images and explanations at this site!

Meteorites and Their Properties: a fine site by Dr. David A. Kring at the University of Arizona describes the origin, composition, structure, and craters of meteorites.

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Plate Tectonics and the Structure of the Earth

The Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics. Excellent explanations.

Inside the Earth. Good diagram, historical information.

Maps of Ancient Earth shows maps of earth as it would have looked many millions of years ago.  Our modern day continents have been colored different colors so that you can see how they have moved and come together.  Be sure that you see this!

Excellent ThinkQuest site about tectonic plates, volcanoes, and sea floor spreading. Enjoy this site and use it with your classes.

Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker: a beautiful site about plate tectonics with interactive shockwave animations and very accessible information. Your students will love this!. .html

An excellent site about the structure and evolution of the earth, plate tectonics and glaciation. The site has maps, diagrams, and clear and simple information as well as a Teacher's Guide,activities, and a link to Volcano World. Don't miss this one! You will love it!

Excellent pages on the evolution of the earth, plate tectonics, geological ages.

Lunar and Planetary Institute has a beautiful on-line mural about the Evolution of our Solar System.  Look at these pictures to help you to visualize the process.  Teachers, let your students look at this!

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Making and Reading Maps

Map Projections
Excellent practical hands-on activity that shows different types of map projections. Do this is in your classroom!

USGS Astrogeology Research Program: Check these useful pages out, especially the Astro Kids section. The students can make models of worlds and do some interactive things on screen. The pictures are awesome!

What is a Topographic Map? Excellent diagram.
Program will draw maps for you, using different kinds of projections.

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Volcanoes and Vulcanism

Volcano World: Erupting volcanoes, volcano images and information, volcanoes on other worlds -- and more! Also Ask a volcanologist to make the volcanoes on your world authentic!

The Learning Web a United States Geological Service site, is dedicated to K-12 education, exploration, and Life Long Learning. It features volcanoes, resources for teachers and educational materials.

Mount St Helens National Monument: information on a recently erupting volcano.

A Virual Reality Tour of Mt St Helens: See scenes of the route on the climb to the summit

Gorgeous Images of Earth from NASA: perfect for views of your planet, images for thinking about contour maps. Give credit to NASA. These are great!

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The Sea Floor

Development and characteristics of the sea floor.

How to Build a Model Illustrating Sea-Floor Spreading and Subduction Good information and helpful diagrams about what happens at the boundaries of tectonic plates. The directions for building the model are at the end, and ( I thought) somewhat baffling.>

Dive and Discover. This is a good one, with broadcasts of deep sea dives and access to many teacher resource materials including a free CD. Register for the teacher newsletter and add your class to the explorers if you teach about the ocean. Learn and enjoy!

Abyssal Zone: This is the deepest part of the ocean, and it covers about 60% of the global surface. Good information about water conditions and life forms.

The Abyssal Zone. Excellent information with good diagrams, information and links. Try this, you'll love it!

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