Virtual Museums and Multimedia

Virtual Museums and Multimedia

Download these programs and use them to help to make your planet pages.

Columbia Educational Resources Online (CERO) offers a growing collection of e-seminars in a variety of subjects for high-school students, undergraduates, and their teachers. Learn more about these resources.  You can sign up to use these resources free!  Be sure to check Dr Paul Olsen's course "Dinosaurs and the History of LIfe" for an excellent big picture trip through the evolution of life on earth.

Check the Great Journey of Life on This World when you Visit these Museums

Museum of Paleontology, University of California, Berkeley has excellent information about the history of life on earth and the creatures that have lived here.  You can spend hours clicking on links and learning more and more . . .

Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology
An absolute must for World Builders! Take the Virtual tour. Here you will see the first life, early plants, trilobites, evolution of fish and on and on -- marvelous graphics and manageable amounts of very helpful information.

The Field Museum -- Dinosaur Exhibits and life before dinosaurs:
lovely graphics, good information.

The Hunterian Museum of Glasgow
Take the virtual tour and click on the map. You will see sections on just what we are doing -- the beginning of the earth and it's life forms. It is similar, chapter for chapter, to our assignments -- don't miss this one!

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