Sources for Videos

Sources for Videos

Seeing is Believing!     Try some of these excellent videos!

Schlessinger Science Videos  162 videos for K-4 and 5-8 are available for purchase and pubic performance. They are aligned with the US National Science Standards and include many topics of interest to all world builders.  Teacher guides are available and prices seem to be about $30 US per video.  Check out their web site!

   The Discovery Channel:  Click on Discovery Store and then on DVD, VHS, and Books. 
Outstanding videos include:

Blue Planet: Seas of Life 
     4 DVDs or 4  VHS Tapes  An Emmy Winning program.    DVD $74.95  VHS $54.95

This amazingly beautiful exploration of the oceans includes segments on
The Ocean World, Frozen Seas, The Open Ocean, and the Deep.  Discs 3 and 4 address The Seasonal Seas, The Coral Seas, The Tidal Seas, and The Coasts.  You need this if you are doing a unit on the oceans!  6 Hours 30 minutes.

Amazing Earth
  DVD  $14.95

This video is a geological history of the earth, from the beginning to the present day.  It includes the meteor bombardment, volcanism, and continental drift.  1 hour 40 minutes.

1 hour 40 minutes

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