Use a Soft Fill to Let Text Show

Use a Soft Fill to Let Text Show

Let text float above yout backgrounds by using a semi-trtansparent fill.

     Sometimes your PowerPoint slide has a gorgeous picture -- but there is no way that you can put legible text on the page.



Example:  Here is a lovely slide with poorly defined text in the lower half of the slide.

How can I make this text legible?




Step One:

Click on the text that needs a change in its background.

Notice that the entire text box turns white,

Now, look at the line of icons at the bottom of the screen.  If you do not see any icons there, go to VIEW --> Toolbars --> Drawing and they will appear.

You will see a little bucket that looks like this    
It will be at the bottom of the page.

Press on the downward pointing arrow to the right of the bucket.

A small menu will appear.
(If the menu is not colored, check to see if your text box is still white. Your screen should look like the screen above the bucket.

Select  Fill Effects  -->     


The first tab called Gradient is active.

Select a color that you would like to use.


Set the gradient from 0%
to 90%



Chose a shading style:  I chose horizontal.

Click OK

In some versions of PowerPoint you will need to choose semi- transparent elsewhere in this menu.

Here is your PowerPoint slide with its soft semi-transparent fill.

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