Text on Multi-Colored Photos

Text on Multi-Colored Photos

Use a semi-transparent fill in the text box to sharpen up your text!

You are finding wonderful photographs for the backgrounds of your pages They are wonderful! However, sometimes the perfect background picture makes the text over it very difficult to read.

Here is something that you can do to fix that: Fill the text window with a semi-transparent color.

Here's how:

Click on the screen so that you can see the text box around the text..

Be sure that your drawing toolbar is turned on ( VIEW / TOOLBARS / DRAWING )


Click on the paint bucket. (Fill_

Press on the little column with the down arrow next to the paint bucket on the right side.

Choose MORE COLORS and pick out a color that is close to an important color in the photo


Be sure that the little box marked "Semitransparent" is checked.

Click OK. Do you like this effect?

Try several different fill colors and maybe change font colors until you like the effect.

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