Resize Your Pictures

Resize Your Pictures


Large pictures load slowly: Reduce the szie of your pictures before inserting them


Sometimes your slides load slowly when they are posted on the internet. Sometimes you click on a slide and the next one will open right up: on others there are blank boxes where you want pictures to be. What is going on here?

Computer pictures are made up of many tiny individual dots called pixels. The information for each pixel has to be downloaded from the World Bulders web site to your screen. The more pixels there are, the longer it takes.

A big picture takes longer than a little one.

If you have a big picture, there are two ways to get a little picture onto your screen from it.

One way is to insert the big picture and make it smaller using the little buttons on the square around it. This looks small, but it takes a long time to load because the computer is loading the original big picture and then shrinking it.

A better way is to open the big picture in Paint (or some other graphics program) and make the picture smaller BEFORE you insert it.

Important Suggestion: First make a copy of the picture that you are resizing.


Click on the folder picture in the command bar to make a new folder.

Call your folder Resized Pictures and save your resized pictures into this folder.

You can move the picture to another file or insert it into PowerPoint when you are ready.

Why is this a good idea?

Every time that you change the size of a picture you loose picture quality.

Having an untouched copy of the picture available allows you allows you to use a fresh picture for your final changes.

If you try to make pictures bigger they will get blurry. If you make pictures smaller and then bigger they will get blurry too.

You can change picture size in Paint by going to IMAGE STRETCH/SKEW. Choose the STRETCH section in the upper part of the window. Try changing it to 80% in both the horizontal and vertical boxes. Adjust until you have a picture that is about the size of the picture that you want to see on the screen. Click OK.

I recommend that you resize your pictures before inserting them. If you have pictures that load slowly, try resizing them and sending them to me again. You will see a difference!

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