Lay Out Your Table of Contents

Lay Out Your Table of Contents


Make your files in PowerPoint: then follow these directions to get .htm files


When you are finished, your Table of Contents will look something like this.

Note the planetname in the upper left hand corner.

On your Table of Contents, this will be the name of your planet.

Open the PowerPoint program.

Select FILE  NEW

In the Window called NEW PRESENTATIONS select either

            Blank Presentations


            Choose the tab labeled Design Templates and choose one of the backgrounds there.

Click OK.


Choose the layout that is colored green in this copy.,

It has a text box for your heading.

It has text boxes to hold the two columns of your Table of Contents.


 Type in your chapter names as shown in this illustration.

Type the name of your planet where it says Planet Name.

For the bottom line, go to INSERT    TEXT BOX and click on the slide to insert text for the bottom line.

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