Save PowerPoint Files for the Web

Save PowerPoint Files for the Web


Make your files in PowerPoint: then follow these directions to get .htm files


Save your files when you are finished.  You can save them as .ppt files while you are working on them. 

When you are completely finished, use Part 2 (below) and send your files to Dr Viau.

If you need to make corrections, make them to the .ppt file and save the file again as both a PowerPoint and an HTM file.

You will wind up with two files and a folder.  Send all three to Dr Viau.

   When you get finished you will need to save this file twice.

   1.  Part 1:  Save the file as a PowerPoint file.


                In the box for the file name, check the list of file names.
                Type in the name ending with

    2.  PART 2:  Save the file as an HTM file.

        Go back to FILE and SAVE AS WEB PAGE

     This window will come up:

          For FILE NAME  check the list of file names.
                Type  in the name ending in .htm

          Click on Publish.  This window will appear:

            Click on Publish for the second time.

              Now you have finished saving this file.

  You will get one folder and two files from this process.

  They will look like this (but will have their own real names).

Send all three files to Dr Viau please!

Help Menu for making these files.

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