Control the Colors of Linking Text

Control the Colors of Linking Text


You can change the colors of the text that has hyperlinks to other pages.


Some of your pages have text that serves as links to other pages.

These linking words are usually a different color from the rest of the text.

Actually, these words have two colors:

the color that they are before you click on them

the color that they are after they have been clicked.

Sometimes the default colors do not show up well on your pages.

This is how you can change those colors.

This page is the end of a section on planets in a Solar System Unit

I want to be able to return to my Table of Contents and my Solar System Menu.

I went to INSERT   TEXT BOX and typed in Table of Contents.

You can see the text box and my highlighted type.

However, when I have finished typing and click on the body of the slide. the words  Table of Contents just disappear because they are a very dark color.

To change the colors of the linking text I go to FORMAT      SLIDE COLOR SCHEME

Click on Custom

Here comes the next window!!!

In this window you can customize colors for your page.  You can choose background colors, text colors and everything else listed.

I have circled the two boxes that govern the link colors.

The first box, Accent and hyperlink is the color that shows before you click on it.

Double click in this box.  The color wheel comes up.

 Select the color that you think will look best.

  You can change it if you don't like it.

  Click OK.

  The computer will go back to the screen
  before  this one.  Find the square for

       Accent and followed hyperlink 

               Double click in this box.

       The color wheel comes up again.

  Select the color that you want to see after a link has been clicked.  Click OK.

         Choose Apply to All so that all your links will be affected in the same way.

Save Your File

You can see that Table of Contents
shows up on the screen now.

Solar System Menu doesn't show up yet because it is not linked.

REMEMBER: You must link the linking words before the colors that you chose show up.



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