Link the Last Page of a Section

Link the Last Page of a Section


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Every time that you finish a section of your world, you need to put in navigation links that will connect that section to the next section and to the Table of Contents.

The first five sections,
                                       Solar System

All conform to this pattern:



The topics are

Seaweeds, Water Animals, Water Ecologies

Land Plants, Land Animals, Land Ecologies

The Coordinator's Page is only a single slide.

  Open a blank slide and illustrate it or use a background picture. 

  If you are not sure how to insert a picture. go to

How to Put a Background Picture Behind Your Text

Your Coordinator's Page should have

The Unit Title, The Names of Each Student or Individual Topics
Links to Table of Contents, Next Unit Coordinator's page.

How to Link the Headings in Your Table of Contents to Your Files

How to Control the Colors of Linking Text on Your Pages

  REMEMBER:  When you get finished you will need to save this file twice.

1.  Save the file as a PowerPoint file.


                In the box for the file name type pn_toc.ppt

2.  Save the file as an HTM file.

        Go back to FILE and SAVE AS WEB PAGE

                    For FILE NAME  type  pn_toc.htm

You will get one folder and two files from this process.

They will look like this.

Send all three files to Dr Viau please! 

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