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How to Make  Your Table of Contents Page

How to Name Your Files

How to Put a Background Picture Behind Your Text

How to Link the Headings in Your Table of Contents to Your Files

How to Control the Colors of Linking Text

How to Put Links in Your Coordinator's Pages

How to Save Your PowerPoint Files for Use on the Web

  REMEMBER:  When you get finished you will need to save your file twice.

1.  Save the file as a PowerPoint file.


                In the box for the file name type pn_toc.ppt

2.  Save the file as an HTM file.

        Go back to FILE and SAVE AS WEB PAGE

                    For FILE NAME  type  pn_toc.htm

You will get one folder and two files from this process.

They will look like this.

Send all three files to Dr Viau please! 

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