How to Link Your toc Files to Pages

How to Link Your toc Files to Pages


Important!!!   PowerPoint Users:   Use these File Names.


    Computers do not forgive.
    They do not care what you what you want them to do,
                                                they only do what you tell them to do.

    If you label your files wrongly, the links will NEVER work until you fix them.

    This page contains a listing of the file names that you should use for your world.

If everyone in your group knows what the file names should be,
your work will be easier.

Here are the names.  Copy them exactly.

    DO NOT USE CAPITALS except where shown. 

    Use __ underscores___not hyphens____

Letters in red indicate that you need to put your own word or letter in:

pn means take pn out and put in your planet name.

Y means take out the Y and put in your own capital initial.

File Topic

Name for .ppt

Name for .htm
see special directions

Table of Contents pn_toc.ppt pn_toc.htm
Introduction pn_intro.ppt pn_intro.htm
Solar System pn_solar.ppt pn_solar.htm
Geology pn_geo.ppt pn_geo.htm
Weather pn_wea.ppt pn_wea.htm
Microbiology pn_micro.ppt pn_micro.htm
Seaweeds coordinator page pn_sea.ppt pn_sea.htm
    Seaweeds student page pn_seaY.ppt pn_seaY.htm
Water Animals coordinator page pn_wa.ppt pn_wa.htm
   Water Animals student page pn_waY.ppt pn_waY.htm
Water Ecology coordinator page pn_we.ppt pn_we.htm
   Water Ecologies student page pn_weY.ppt pn_weY.htm
Land Plants coordinator page pn_lp.ppt pn_lp.htm
     Land Plants student page pn_lpY.ppt pn_lpY.htm
Land Animals coordinator page pn_la.ppt pn_la.htm
     Land Animals student page pn_laY.ppt pn_laY.htm
Land Ecologies coordinator page pn_le.ppt pn_le.htm
     Land Ecologies student page pn_leY.ppt pn_leY.htm

Click here to download a pdf file which will allow you to print out the chart above all on one page.

SPECIAL DIRECTIONS:  When you get finished you will need to save this file twice.


How to Save Your PowerPoint Files for Use on the Web

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