Put a Picture Behind Your Text

Put a Picture Behind Your Text


Put a Picture or Design Template Behind Your PowerPoint Text.


You may put the background on your PowerPoint slides when you start your presentation or at any time afterwards

If you chose BLANK PRESENTATION  follow these instructions.

On the command bar near the top of the page go to FORMAT    BACKGROUND

 1.  If you want to use one of MicroSoft's background designs, choose  APPLY DESIGN TEMPLATE and look through the designs available on your computer.  Let your cursor rest on the name of the template and a preview picture will show up on your screen next to the list.  Click on the one that you like and choose APPLY.


 2.  If you already have a picture that you would lie to use, choose FORMAT PICTURE.


   You will get this picture.

Click on the small arrow and you will get this list:

              a row of colored squares
              More Colors...
              Fill Effects ...

  Choose Fill Effects 







Search the folders and files to find your picture. 

Highlight it and click SELECT PICTURE

Click      APPLY

Now you should have a picture or template behind your words.  Good for you!

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